John Oliver slams Hillary Clinton’s tweet on Last Week Tonight


John Oliver mocks Hillary Clinton’s “Delete Your Account” tweet and several other social media blunders in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight.

John Oliver opened the latest edition of HBO’s Last Week Tonight by addressing the recent shooting in Orlando with a heartfelt message to the victims of the senseless tragedy, before delving back into the inanity of the presidential race. The comedian took particular aim at the ongoing Twitter war between the presumptive nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, prompted by the former secretary of state’s tweet urging the billionaire to delete his Twitter account.

The war of words was precipitated by Trump’s tweet referring to President Obama’s endorsement of Clinton, which led to the much-talked about “Delete your account” tweet from Clinton’s campaign. While a large number of users of the social media site were big fans of the response — quickly garnering over half a million likes — Oliver was much more critical of the tweet.

“I would argue that getting a lot of likes does not necessarily mean you’ve accomplished something good,” he declared.

He then outlined the two problems with Clinton’s tweet, including the fact that Trump is never actually going to walk away from the medium that gets him so much publicity, with Oliver imagining what a tweet from Trump from beyond the grave might look like :

"“Met God. Very disappointing, dopey beard, can’t even lift a heavy rock that he himself created. Sad.”"

The other issue is that Clinton “moved the fight to [Trump’s] turf,” quickly allowing him to refer back to her email scandal in his reply, rather than keep the attention focused on positive things like her historic nomination.

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“Hillary, you are not going to beat Donald Trump at social media,” he continued, before comparing his tweets to Tom Cruise — “short and unhinged, but you kind of can’t look away.”

The host continued, “And just like that, Hillary went from a pioneer and a trailblazer into a minor player in an online spat.”

While Oliver admitted that Trump “misspells words, overuses caps, passes along unvetted information, and is overtly racist” on Twitter, he also chastised Clinton for several incidents of “toe-curling tone deafness” on the site. They include numerous examples of overt pandering, such as her campaign likening her to “your abuela,” changes to her logo to honor Kwanzaa and Rosa Parks, and calls for young people to describe how they feel about their student loan debt using three emojis or less.

“Because nothing says I will seriously listen to your concerns like saying, ‘Hey I’m pretty busy. Can you just condense your thoughts into tiny pictures of ghosts dolphins and sex eggplants?'” he joked.

Oliver ended the segment by introducing the creation of a GIF of a vomiting Abraham Lincoln posted to the show’s Twitter feed that fans can use to voice their displeasure with the level of discourse by the candidates.

Watch the entire Last Week Tonight clip below:

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The presidential race continues to largely be defined by the Twitterverse, with Trump now coming under the fire for his tweets following the Orlando shooting, including one where he said he appreciated “the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” and another where he blasted Obama for not using the aforementioned phrase to describe the tragedy. He has since gone a step further by insinuating that the president was sympathetic to Islamic terrorists, and broadened his plans to ban Muslim immigrants during a foreign policy speech on Monday.

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