Conan plays Doom with Marshawn Lynch and Super Bowl stars


Conan O’Brien plays Doom with Marshawn Lynch, Von Miller and Josh Norman for a Super Bowl edition of ‘Clueless Gamer’

In a recent episode of his TBS show Conan, comedian Conan O’Brien once again competed against two NFL players participating in this year’s Super Bowl for a special edition of the segment ‘Clueless Gamer.’ This year’s participants were Von Miller of the Super Bowl 50 championship team the Denver Broncos and Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers.

The Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch – who appeared on Conan last year in the lead up to the Super Bowl alongside the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski to preview ‘Mortal Kombat X’ – also made a cameo appearance late in the segment. O’Brien and the trio of NFL stars met to play the newest installment of the popular video game ‘Doom’ in a cheap Marriott conference room months before its official release.

O’Brien, a Boston native, welcomed the bespectacled Miller despite the fact that he’s made his 12-year-old daughter cry after he violently tackled Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady. The linebacker later compared blowing up the heads of demons in ‘Doom’ to what he does to Brady on the field.

Talk then turned to Miller’s desire to have his own poultry farm, which includes plans to show the chickens on a live feed for customers.

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“You can watch the chicken living a good life just before you eat it,” deadpanned Conan.

Norman and Miller continued taking turns chainsawing and knocking the heads off demons, with Miller explaining that he knew a glowing figure in the game was a hologram because he had seen Tupac at Coachella.

Conan proceeded to compliment Miller on his bold fashion choices, before the show cut to the trio wearing one of his signature fur hats. Lynch was then brought in to sub for Conan to further liven things up.

“Marshawn, you’re not even supposed to be here,” joked Conan. “I don’t know who let you in.”

The segment also featured a ‘Clueless Gamer Cooldown’ sponsored by Miller Organic Chicken where the guys sipped red wine. “This tastes like Kool-Aid,” said Lynch.

It ended with the football players competing to see who could last the longest in the game without dying, which Norman won by not moving forward, winning the ‘Clueless Gamer’ trophy.

Watch the ‘Clueless Gamer’ Super Bowl edition below:

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The segment aired days before Super Bowl 50 where Miller was named the game’s MVP after sacking Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and forcing a fumble. Meanwhile, while the Super Bowl was airing, Lynch seemed to indicate he was officially retiring by tweeting a cryptic message of an image of hanging cleats along with a peace sign. Norman also made headlines after he was seen sobbing on the sidelines during the last seconds of the game after his team’s defeat.

Conan airs at 11 p.m. weeknights on TBS, while ‘Doom 4’ will be released on May 13. This week, O’Brien will welcome Ray Romano, PewDiePie, Chelsea Handler, Bob Costas and Carl Reiner, among others.