Aubrey Plaza talks Dirty Grandpa sex scene with De Niro


Aubrey Plaza told Jimmy Kimmel what it was like filming a sex scene with Robert De Niro for Dirty Grandpa

Aubrey Plaza stars in the new comedy Dirty Grandpa alongside Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, her love interest in the film. The actress described what it was like shooting a sex scene with the 73-year-old actor during a appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday.

Dirty Grandpa revolves around a straight-laced lawyer (Efron) who is tricked into taking his foul-mouthed grandpa (De Niro) on a wild spring break trip to Florida, with Plaza playing a party girl named Lenore who is attracted to De Niro’s character after he convinces her that he’s a college professor.

“My character has this kind of like obsession with having sex with a professor, so I kind of zero in on him, and I’m like, I’m going to f**k you,” Plaza told host Jimmy Kimmel. “And he’s like, I’m going f**k you too. And then we do.”

Plaza – who was hoisted onto the couch by the previous guest, Zach Galifianakis, due to her ACL injury – described the sex scene between the two as fun, even though it took nine hours to shoot. The actress recounted how the film’s British-born director Dan Mazer instructed her to suck on De Niro’s nipples, which the actor wasn’t too happy about.

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“I would go and try to do it, I’d try to get in there and suck on his nipples, and he was like batting me away, and I didn’t know if he was in character or not because you never know,” she explained. “Then they cut the camera and then Dan called me back and said, ‘Bob does not like having his nipple area paid attention to, so don’t do that.’ And I was like, great now he thinks that I wanted to do that.”

While there was an immediate connection between Plaza and De Niro’s Dirty Grandpa characters, the same couldn’t be said for the actors in real life. During the first part of filming, the Parks and Recreation alum was told by her agent that the legendary actor’s agent told her that he was legitimately scared of her.

The actress wondered if it was because she was dressed up as a 21-year-old, wig-wearing and bronzed up drunken slut throughout the movie, who would be all over him right before they would start filming to get into character. She also recalled an instance where she was required to vomit, and then she tried to kiss De Niro, which made him visibly repulsed, though she got the thumbs up from him afterwards.

“The idea that the guy from Cape Fear would be scared of you is funny,” joked Kimmel.

The late-night host ended the segment by asking Plaza about her cane, which she claims to have gotten from her sister for Christmas as a joke, but she’s now been using on a regular basis.

Watch part of the interview below:

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Dirty Grandpa opens in theaters this Friday, January 22, while Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights on ABC. The rest of the week’s guests include Casey Affleck, Vanessa Hudgens, Malin Ackerman and Plaza’s Dirty Grandpa co-star Zac Efron.