Stephen Colbert unpacks Biden's new aggressive strategy toward Trump

Donald Trump And Joe Biden
Donald Trump And Joe Biden / Pool/GettyImages

President Joe Biden is ready to go on the offensive. Reports of the president's new campaign strategy toward Donald Trump caught the attention of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Despite some beliefs that the Democratic Party will replace Joe Biden with a different candidate, the 2024 presidential election will be a rematch. Late-night TV has already chimed in on the debate over Biden's age. Now that Biden is here to stay, the focus can shift to exactly how he plans to defeat Trump again.

Stephen Colbert's monologue looked at an Axios report indicating Biden is looking to "go for Trump's jugular." The president reportedly believes that taunting Trump daily will lead the GOP leader to implode.

"Just one problem with that plan," Colbert said. "Good luck finding a jugular in that chin scrotum," he added in regard to Trump's appearance.

The Late Show host went on to unpack Biden's strategy. Colbert doesn't quite understand the goal of making Trump go "haywire in public" considering the ex-president's baseline behavior when out and about.

Colbert's monologue wouldn't be complete without another dig at Biden's age. The White House's belief that Biden can offset concerns about his age by attacking Trump didn't convince Colbert. The comedian mocked the idea of an 81-year-old Biden trying to land a punch.

The topic wrapped up with Colbert mentioning that Biden's biggest group of supporters is older woman. According to the late-night host, this group of "early bird special" enthusiasts could be what puts Biden over the top as he ramps up his fight.