Stephen Colbert rips Nikki Haley for folding to Donald Trump

Mark Wilson/GettyImages

Nikki Haley may be out of the running for president, but she's still fair game for late-night TV. Stephen Colbert's monologue attacked the Republican after she admitted she'll vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

Haley spent most of her campaign for the GOP nomination attacking Donald Trump and arguing he wasn't fit for office. But the former South Carolina governor dropped out of the race when it became clear she couldn't overtake Trump. However, her stance changed this week when Haley effectively endorsed the former president for another term.

"She folded like a paper plate on chili night," Colbert said during his monologue. The Late Show host reacted to Haley's response of "as a voter..." to a question about whether Trump or Joe Biden would do a better job.

"That is the energy of a woman whose husband just asked 'Honey, do you think I can wear the jean jacket with my jeans?'"

Colbert's monologue then went right into mocking Donald Trump, almost as if to remind Nikki Haley just who she was throwing her support behind.

The Late Show went over an interview Trump did in which he suggested that Joe Biden would probably drop out of the race before November.

Trump continued, complaining that Biden's team requested they sit at a table rather than stand during their upcoming debate. "I can see why he'd want to stand," Colbert teased, "because you sit him at a table and two minutes later, he is out cold." It doesn't sound like Trump will ever beat the "asleep in court" allegations.

So that's the candidate Nikki Haley believes is the best option for the White House in 2024. Stephen Colbert didn't sound all that shocked by Haley's flip-flop. But that's probably because he's spent years calling out hypocrisy in Washington