Stephen Colbert recaps his night with Biden, Obama, and Clinton

David Livingston/GettyImages

Stephen Colbert opened up The Late Show on Monday night by recapping his experience moderating a fundraiser attended by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton. The late-night TV host took viewers inside the record-breaking night.

Colbert took a night off from The Late Show last week to moderate the event held in New York City. The fundraiser collected $26 million for President Joe Biden's re-election campaign thanks in part to appearances by the previous two Democratic presidents.

Colbert's monologue last night on The Late Show didn't try to downplay the honor. However, the comedian did take time to throw a few jabs at the trio of presidents.

The Late Show host declared himself president since he was the only one on stage who bothered to wear a tie for the event. He also had something to say about dealing with three different communications teams and no catering.

"I asked one of the folks from the Democratic Party for a Diet Coke," Colbert said. "And after a long delay, they gave me a Diet Pepsi. So, I'm voting for Trump now," he joked. Apparently, Colbert has his limits even if he thinks the future of American democracy is on the line.

But the best joke of the night may have belonged to Barack Obama. Colbert recalled asking the ex-president why he was allowed to call his wife Michelle, but couldn't call him Barack.

Obama's response to Colbert? "Your wife can." The line received a round of applause from the Late Show studio audience. The host also admitted that Obama's line went over especially well with Evie Colbert.

Colbert has a long history with Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton. He has interviewed all three men at different times during his late-night TV career. So it's no surprise that they turned to Colbert to help moderate the fundraiser. It also doesn't hurt that Colbert is the loudest anti-Trump voice on late-night TV.

It's also unlikely to be the last time the Biden campaign calls on Stephen Colbert for help. Don't be shocked to see the president stop by The Late Show again before November.