Stephen Colbert reacts to report that Donald Trump wants jurors who watch The Late Show

It seems Donald Trump's legal team is looking for jurors who watch The Late Show and Stephen Colbert had the best reaction to this revelation.
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Next week, jury selection will begin in the first of four criminal trials former President Donald Trump will potentially face and it goes without saying that the legal team for Trump is hard at work doing everything they can to find the perfect jurors – which is not going to be an easy task. Beginning on Monday, hundreds of prospective jurors will make their way to Judge Juan Merchan’s downtown Manhattan courtroom as the process begins for finding the 12 seated jurors for the trial as well as six alternates in what promises to be quite an exhaustive jury selection process. 

With jury selection about to begin, reports have begun hitting the top news outlets detailing the types of jurors Trump’s team is hoping to find. According to a CNN report, the selection process will ask potential jurors a number of questions that will look to provide them with information about everything from whether prospective jurors have attended pro or anti-Trump rallies, are affiliated with certain groups, and even about the types of entertainment they’ve consumed from books and podcasts to the types of shows they’ve been following. 

While one might think Trump’s team would be looking for those who haven’t kept up with political late-night series, it seems it’s actually the opposite! As The Late Show host Stephen Colbert revealed on the show’s April 11 broadcast, Trump’s team is reportedly looking for jurors who are fans of Colbert! 

“Prosecutors are looking for educated voters from Democratic neighborhoods and are fishing for those who are fond of late-night comedians like Stephen Colbert. That’s right, look at that,” Colbert joked in Thursday’s monologue. 

Needless to say, Colbert took the revelation in stride stating “Damn straight! My audience is perfect to decide this case.” He then quipped that his audience being singled out by Trump for jury consideration actually inspired a new slogan for the show, “It’s all in our new slogan, ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Guaranteed to get you jury duty!’” 

The reaction came after Colbert addressed the start of the jury vetting process, likening the former president to giant sacks of garbage as he addressed Trump’s lawyer’s desire to include public employees such as sanitation workers in the jury.

“Trump’s criminal trial starts here in New York on Monday. The first order of business is jury selection. Reportedly, Trump’s lawyers want a jury that includes public employees like police officers, firefighters, and sanitation workers. Well, sanitation workers make sense, they’re going to want jurors who are comfortable with giant sacks of garbage,” Colbert joked. 

With the jury selection process starting on Monday, we’re sure to hear more about the process in upcoming monologues from Colbert and we can’t wait for his commentary as news breaks about the jury selection!

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