Stephen Colbert: GOP dysfunction hits new low with impeachment vote

House GOP Members Meet For Their Conference Meeting On Capitol Hill
House GOP Members Meet For Their Conference Meeting On Capitol Hill / Kevin Dietsch/GettyImages

Stephen Colbert's monologue marked a new low for the Republican Party. According to the Late Show host, the GOP's botched impeachment vote proves its dysfunction is at an all-time high.

Republicans in the House failed to get the required number of votes to proceed with impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. The GOP argued that his border policies were grounds for impeachment.

"I give Republicans in Congress a hard time," Colbert began his monologue. "Every so often, you gotta step back and appreciate how much harder of a time they give themselves. Because recently, their stupidity levels have reached 'critical dumb.'"

Colbert highlighted the failed logic of Speaker of the House Mike Johnson bringing a flawed impeachment argument to the House floor with only a slight GOP majority. So the "no" vote wasn't all that surprising to the Late Show host.

The comedian made sure to pour salt in the wounds. Colbert joked that Johnson was "spanked" in front of the country by losing the impeachment bid. He continued, suggesting that former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would have never pulled such a move without knowing the vote count.

Colbert's monologue gave a special shoutout to Texas Representative Al Green. The democrat left the hospital to make sure he cast his vote, throwing a wrench in the GOP plan. Colbert teased that Green put the final boot in Mike Johnson's scheme.

In the end, Colbert's monologue didn't have to work too hard to achieve the typical goal of ridiculing and discrediting the GOP. As the comedian said, sometimes he just sits back and lets Republicans do all the work.