Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at his ice cream outing with Joe Biden

President Biden
President Biden / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Earlier this week, Seth Meyers found himself in the national headlines. But it wasn't for anything he said on Late Night. Instead, his trip out for some ice cream with President Joe Biden put Meyers in the spotlight.

President Biden stopped by Late Night to celebrate its 10th anniversary. While he was vice president, Biden joined Amy Poehler as the first guest in the show's history. So it was fitting for both Poehler and Biden to come back a decade later.

But when news cameras filmed Biden and Meyers out for ice cream, things turned. The president was asked about a ceasefire in Gaza, forcing him to stop mid-lick and explain his hopes for peace. Meanwhile, Meyers was left standing awkwardly to the side (much to the delight of Stephen Colbert).

Wednesday night's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers gave the host a chance to respond. Meyers broke down the over-the-top reaction from Fox News and more.

Meyers revealed it was an unplanned visit to the ice cream shop. He then put together a package of seemingly every single cable news show mentioning the trip and dropping Meyers' name.

"You think it was strange for you?" Meyers asked in response to one host's analysis. "I was standing right next to him. Usually, I'm the one taking closer looks at the news. Now I'm the news, which means it's time to take a closer look at ... myself."

Meyers went on to joke that he should have known to put his ice cream cone down when the Middle East came up. He then blamed the cameraman for not framing him out of the shot before suggesting the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme played in his head.

After a few more jokes at his own expense, Meyers turned his attention to what Fox News focused on in its coverage of the event. The Late Night host couldn't quite understand why the ice cream aspect was such a big deal.

Meyers defended the president while acknowledging that discussing major foreign with an ice cream isn't a great look. But Meyers pointed out that Biden was asked a question and felt compelled to answer.

All in all, Meyers handled the aftermath extremely well. He spent most of "A Closer Look" making fun of himself, taking away punchlines from any of his critics. Next time he has a world leader on the show, expect Meyers to be ready for anything.