Martin Short pokes fun at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over balloon law

The guest host highlights the oddity of this latest decree.
Martin Short's Inauguration As Mayor of Funner, California
Martin Short's Inauguration As Mayor of Funner, California / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages

Martin Short is a less political comedian than Jimmy Kimmel. He's forged his persona on being silly, and playing outsized characters like Jiminy Glick (which he has revived during his guest host stint). That being said, Short is waving the political Kimmel flag in the comedian's absence.

Short lampooned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during the June 26 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The reason had to he heard to be believed: DeSantis signed a law banning the intentional release of balloons in his home state. It was obvious from the get go that Short was tickled by this seemingly harmless act receiving legal attention.

Martin Short was profoundly amused by balloon crimes

"They're really working their way through the B's in Florida," Short told the audience. "Balloons, books, 'bortions." The last bit even made the actor chuckle, and he took a beat before continuing with a more in-depth explanation. "Apparently balloons released over the ocean have been washing up on shore, which is harmful to wild life," the guest host noted.

This where Short conceded, while acknowledging how difficult it is to take balloon releasing serious as a crime. "While I agree that releasing balloons is bad," he stated. "I must admit, it is one of the most fun and enchanting ways to liter."

He doesn't think the substitution of bubbles will work out

Martin Short
Martin Short's Inauguration As Mayor of Funner, California / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages

Fortunately, for those who like to liter as much as Short, an alternative is being posed. He then cut to a Florida worker claiming that bubbles should take the place of balloons. The camera cuts back to a giggling Short. "It's nice to see the ghost of Rip Taylor," he quipped, in reference to the worker's appearance.

Short burst the bubble of the audience, however, when he announced that the June 26 episode would be his last as a guest host. The actor claimed that he will be wrapping up his brief stint, but then passed the baton off to his outsized alter ego, Jiminy Glick.

Short will actually be followed by a dazzling array of guest hosts this summer, and you can check out the full list of names below.

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