Martin Short revives iconic Jiminy Glick character on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The guest host pulled out all the stops on Monday night.
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Martin Short is the first celebrity to take over hosting duties for Jimmy Kimmel Live! while the titular host is on summer vacation. Short is a comedy legend, of course, with a hit show currently on the air, but nobody was expecting him to revive arguably his most famous character during an interview with Bill Hader.

Short decided to dress up as obnoxious interviewer Jiminy Glick during the highlight of the June 24 episode. It's been a while since fans have gotten to see the character in action, but Short proved that he still had the magic in 2024. He hit the stage as Jiminy Glick on a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, and then he kept the momentum going with his Kimmel appearance.

Bill Hader struggled to contain his laughter during the interview

"I’m Jiminy Glick," he told the audience. "And as part of my guest hosting duties on Kimmel, I’m obligated to interview who they’ve pre-booked." The character then turned to Hader and delivered a hilarious dig. "So, I was hoping for an A-lister, but I’m thrilled to have you Bill — Hader. You are a pre-book, but you are a wonderful spirit."

Hader, who is notorious for not being able to keep a straight face, laughed before he even managed to get a word out. Jiminy Glick laid into the Barry star throughout the interview, poking fun at his name and even claiming that he was at "Diddy's poolhouse" right before he showed up to host the show. The latter comment struck Hader as particularly funny.

Martin Short debuted Jiminy Glick back in 1999

Jiminy Glick, Martin Short
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Martin Short debuted the character of Jiminy Glick on his show in 1999. The character proved more popular than Short's show, which led to the spinoff Primetime Gluck on Comedy Central in 2001. The character then went on to star in a film, 2004's Jiminy Glick in Hollywood, and a stage play, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me.

Fingers crossed that we get to see more of the character in Short's subsequent Kimmel episodes.

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