Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show as host for the 2024 election

Former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Testifies On Need To Reauthorize The September 11th Victim
Former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Testifies On Need To Reauthorize The September 11th Victim / Zach Gibson/GettyImages

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is back on after the late-night TV show announced Jon Stewart's return. The former host will be back behind the Daily Show desk for the 2024 election.

Comedy Central made the surprise announcement just days after reports suggested it would go without a permanent host. Instead, sources claimed The Daily Show would lean on its correspondents rather than use a permanent host or rely on guest hosts.

But now Jon Stewart is back, albeit not in a full-time capacity. Stewart will host on Monday nights during the 2024 election cycle. Correspondents will fill in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The comedian will also oversee the show through 2025. Stewart's return immediately makes The Daily Show must-see TV on Mondays.

Stewart left in 2015, handing things over to Trevor Noah. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah had a successful run, culminating in an Emmy win for Noah's final season in 2023. But the show never quite hit the same ratings or cultural impact as when Stewart led the broadcast.

For his part, Stewart also failed to match what he did at The Daily Show. In fairness, it was a monumental task. But his Apple TV show The Problem with Jon Stewart never quite took off. And when Apple pushed back on the content, Stewart chose to walk away.

Now, Stewart will be back where he became a household name, comedy icon, and influential voice. It comes at the perfect time as late-night TV gears up for the 2024 election. Stewart's return should be celebrated because of what he brings to the conversation.

Comedy Central did not announce a start date for Jon Stewart. However, the show is scheduled to be pre-empted through February 1.