Jon Stewart's Daily Show return isn't tonight, but it's coming soon

The Problem with Jon Stewart
The Problem with Jon Stewart /

The Daily Show made a splash last week, announcing the return of Jon Stewart. The comedian isn't quite ready to start yet, but that will change soon.

Stewart will be back behind the Daily Show desk as host on Monday nights in 2024. The in-house correspondents will cover the rest of the week. Stewart will also oversee the show through the 2024 election and into 2025.

Fans can tune in to see Jon Stewart's Daily Show return on Monday, February 12. Comedy Central does not have plans to air any new episodes of the late-night TV series until then.

Two weeks gives Stewart time to get reacclimated to the Daily Show schedule and figure out exactly how he wants his first night to go. It's hard to think of a more anticipated night in late-night TV considering Stewart's popularity and the timing.

Stewart appears to be approaching his return with his signature sense of humor. Following Comedy Central's announcement, Stewart tweeted about entering the "transfer portal" as if he were a college athlete making the most of his final year of eligibility.

But for all the jokes, Stewart's return is considered serious stuff by those who missed his voice in late-night. His Apple TV+ series The Problem with Jon Stewart had its moments. But most of the response was that fans missed seeing Stewart nightly on The Daily Show.

They won't exactly get their wish, but it's the next best thing. The Daily Show is entering an extremely important year along with the rest of late-night TV. February 12 marks the star of a new era, albeit one that relies on the past to move things forward.