Jon Stewart punches back against Biden's defenders

Brad Barket/GettyImages

Supporters continue to rally around President Joe Biden amid calls for him to step down as the Democratic nominee. But for The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, those defending the president ignore some major red flags.

Stewart was one of the only voices in late-night TV reacting to Biden's debate performance in real time. The Daily Show went live after the debate while other shows remained on hiatus for more than a week.

The comedian picked up where he left off on Monday night with a theme of disaster and despair. Stewart's monologue then showed a highlight package of pundits and lawmakers claiming Biden's critics were guilty of pearl-clutching and bed-wetting.

"First of all, I'm not sure incontinence is the metaphor you want to go with," Stewart joked in response to those dismissing concerns over Biden's age. It was a launching point for Stewart as he demonstrated that these worrisome moments from the president aren't exactly new.

Bringing out a graph as a visual aid, Stewart pointed out major gaffes during Biden's presidency. The debate performance was just what sent things off the chart.

"Now in my mind, the debate was a shocking display of cognitive difficulty," Stewart said. "Recognizable to unfortunately anybody who's dealt with aging parents, and it's a hard watch."

Jon Stewart isn't buying the whataboutism over Donald Trump

In addition to calling Biden criticism "bedwetting," some of the president's defenders have spun the focus on Donald Trump. There's no denying that Trump lied during the debate and had his share of "huh?" moments.

However, Jon Stewart isn't letting Trump's debate performance overshadow that of President Biden. "Yeah, why doesn't anyone ever speak out about Donald Trump?," Stewart asked sarcastically. "Or, let's say, every night for 10 f***ing years?"

Stewart admitted that Trump's scandals far outweigh those of Biden. "I will tell you the difference," Stewart explained. "The difference is Trump delivered at the debate to expectation. We expect him to be f***ing crazy.

"But Biden's performance and inability to articulate at times was stunning," he continued. "Like I could not believe what I was watching." Even more so, Stewart blasted those who attempted to say we didn't all see what was so evident. The Daily Show questioned why there wasn't an honest conversation about Biden's fitness.

Is Jon Stewart calling for Joe Biden to drop out? He clarified that he's not saying as much. Instead, he calls for a "stress test" on Biden's candidacy and a more open conversation about Biden's health and viability. As Stewart put it, Americans are "thirsty ... for any hint of inspiration or leadership."