What is Stephen Colbert’s net worth?

Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert’s net worth is fitting for one of late-night TV’s leaders. The Late Show host has built an enduring legacy in comedy, amassing an impressive net worth along the way.

While Colbert’s coverage of the Trump years gave him a boost, the comedian can hardly be considered an overnight success. Nor does he have the sort of late-night TV story like other hosts, where he was plucked from relative obscurity and given a shot. Instead, Colbert worked his way up from improv theater to television writing before reaching the pinnacle of late-night TV.

If Colbert’s resume isn’t enough proof, just look at his earnings. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stephen Colbert’s net worth is $75 million.

Colbert’s comedy career began in earnest after graduating from Northwestern University in 1986. He started off answering phones at Chicago’s Second City improv theater before taking classes that earned him a spot in the touring company.

That helped launched Colbert’s career as a television writer. His early credits include the sketch shows Exit 57 and The Dana Carvey Show. Colbert also contributed to Saturday Night Live after failing to make it as a cast member.

Things hit a new level when Colbert’s relationship with Comedy Central developed. The network picked up his TV series Strangers With Candy around the same time he was hired as a correspondent at The Daily Show. A successful run as a sidekick to Jon Stewart gave Colbert his own show, The Colbert Report, and added to his growing net worth.

What is Stephen Colbert’s salary at The Late Show?

Stephen Colbert’s net worth hit its high point when he landed The Late Show. His success and popularity at The Colbert Report made him an obvious choice to succeed David Letterman.

Still, CBS didn’t exactly dump bags of cash at Colbert’s doorstep. His initial salary paid him around $6 million per year. It made him one of the lower-paid late-night TV hosts, compared to more experienced colleagues such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien.

But Colbert’s influential voice during the Trump years made him an even more valuable asset for CBS. The network responded by bumping his salary up to $15 million per year with his latest contract.

Outside of The Late Show, Colbert has added to his net worth in other ways. He’s the executive producer on Charlamagne Tha God’s late-night show, and he’ll play a similar role in the upcoming @midnight reboot. Colbert is also leading the development of a live-action fantasy series based on the Chronicles of Amber novels.

Stephen Colbert’s net worth is likely to only increase over the coming years as the comedian shows no signs of slowing down.