Jimmy Kimmel recaps Trump's Iowa win and not-so-gracious reaction

Former President Trump Holds Iowa Caucus Night Event In Des Moines
Former President Trump Holds Iowa Caucus Night Event In Des Moines / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel Live! returned on Tuesday and just in time to recap Donald Trump's victory at the Iowa caucuses. While the win was no surprise, Trump's speech ahead of the event caught Jimmy Kimmel's attention.

There was no drama around the Iowa caucus as far as who would win. Trump entered the day ahead in every poll and by a wide margin. So when he was declared the winner, there wasn't much to say that hadn't already been covered.

But Trump's speech in Iowa stood out as the former president didn't exactly sound like a gracious winner. Jimmy Kimmel's monologue on Tuesday night attempted to break it all down.

"Trump won the caucus tiny-handedly," Kimmel joked, despite Trump spending relatively little time in Iowa. "It's the same strategy he used raising Eric and Don Jr.," the late-night host added.

Trump's remarks in Iowa called the caucuses "[voters] personal chance to score the ultimate victory over all the liars, cheaters, thugs, perverts, frauds, crooks, freaks, creeps, and other quite nice people."

Kimmel responded by joking that it sounded like Trump was reading off his LinkedIn profile. Criticizing the former president's lack of self-awareness, Kimmel went through each of the groups Trump singled out in his Iowa speech.

Other than a "meh" for "crooks," Kimmel concluded that Donald Trump could fit in every other category listed in the speech. "That's him," Kimmel said to a thunderous applause from his studio audience.

There is still a long way to go until November. That means Donald Trump will have to make more campaign stops throughout the primary process. How long he stays or how much competition he faces could be somewhat predictable.

But what won't be predictable is what he says behind the microphone at each turn. That's where Jimmy Kimmel's monologue comes in. Expect more of the same from both sides as Kimmel and the rest of late-night TV try to make sense of the former president all over again.