Jimmy Kimmel presents Mom Texts from Jake Gyllenhaal, Quinta Brunson, and more

Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel Live! debuted a new edition of its Mother's Day tradition "Mom Texts." This time, celebrities shared the very real texts they've received from their moms.

Nobody on late-night TV does holidays quite like Jimmy Kimmel. Whether it is a candy prank for Halloween or Christmas songs with The Killers, Kimmel always has something special up his sleeve for those special days on the calendar.

Mother's Day is no different. In the past, Kimmel has asked staff members from the show to read texts from their moms. The results are hilarious and very relatable. For 2024's edition, Kimmel called in some celebrity friends to help out with the bit.

First up, Dave Burd (aka Lil Dicky) shared an exchange he had with his mom all about coat hangers. Apparently, she wasn't convinced that the Airbnb she rented would have enough hangers. So even after Burd followed instructions and left some out at his house, she eventually discovered the rental house came stocked with hangers.

Succession star Nicholas Braun then popped up with his mom text. He shared that his mom texted him about a dead cow she saw on the road in Mexico. That's all.

Singer Bebe Rexha's mom text was more of a warning than anything else. She revealed her mother texted to say she was outside the home of the writer responsible for a mean article about Rexha. "That's why you don't f*** with my mom," Rexha said.

Jake Gyllenhaal's turn showed just how all over the place a mom text can be. But it did come with the friendly advice that you shouldn't go swimming during a thunderstorm.

Quinta Brunson shared the unsoliticed advice she received from her mom. Brunson's mother warned her about The View and gave some style tips ahead of the actress' appearance.

Finally, Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein put an exclamation point on the bit. His mom text was all about a porn documentary she watched, leading to a tangent about her own preferences and viewing habits. Whether it was real or not, it was the perfect, awkward, and hilarious way to end the 2024 edition of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mom Texts."