Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump over crowd size, drool, and gag order


It was another busy day in court for Donald Trump on Tuesday. And that translated to a busy Tuesday night for Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

With jury selection completed, Trump's hush money trial began hearing testimony on Tuesday. It began with former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker detailing how stories involving Trump were either killed or manipulated to hurt his political rivals.

However, Jimmy Kimmel's monologue began with what the former president had to say about the day's proceedings, which included a gag order hearing. Kimmel led things off by recapping Trump's commentary on Truth Social.

First, Kimmel wanted to talk crowd size. It seems to be the one topic that never goes away with Donald Trump.

"[Trump's] popularity seems to be losing steam," Kimmel began. "He seems to be less popular each day, and he cannot deal with it. Donald Trump may be full of gas, but his supporters appear to be running out."

Kimmel referenced the lack of protestors or Trump supporters outside the New York City courtroom. But according to the ex-president, "thousands" of his followers have been turned away by excessive security measures. Kimmel joked that only Trump could lie about the size of a crowd that didn't exist.

Then, Kimmel mocked Trump over reports that the defendant continues to fall asleep in court. The comedian concluded that Trump has lashed out against New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman since she was first to report on his courtroom naps.

"Let-One-Rip van Winkle is dozing off so often, they're going to need one of those NBA sweat wiper kids to mop the drool puddles off his desk," Kimmel joked.

Finally, Kimmel's monologue covered the gag order hearing that began Trump's day. The late-night TV host can't understand how Trump hasn't yet been punished for calling out the judge on social media.

In fact, it only took 20 minutes for Trump to seemingly violate the gag order after his lawyer claimed Trump was carefully following the court rules. "He violated the gag order during a hearing about whether he violated the gag order," an incredulous Kimmel said.

Kimmel closed out the first part of his monologue with one of his best zingers against Donald Trump. The former president complained that he was being kept off the campaign trail while Biden was free to make appearances. Trump teased it may be an advantage because Biden "can't put two sentences together."

"Yeah, well, you can," Kimmel responded. "You're about to put two prison sentences together." It made for a nice exclamation point in another round of Kimmel's court coverage.