Jimmy Kimmel has a plan to drive Trump "insane" if he's convicted

Kimmel shared his masterplan with fellow host Seth Meyers.
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Another day, another Jimmy Kimmel bit about Donald Trump. This time, though, there's a twist. Kimmel usually puts the president on blast during his own show, but May 13 saw him go on another talk show to poke fun.

Kimmel had a crossover episode of sorts by going on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and the duo made a point of detailing what would happen if Trump was indeed convicted in his current trial. The whole bit started when Seth Meyers congratulated Kimmel on being mentioned during the trial itself, and Kimmel admitted to being excited by it. "You put in the work and it pays off," he jokingly said.

Kimmel is hopeful Trump gets convicted

Donald Trump
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Kimmel told Meyers they should go down to the courthouse and actually surprise Trump with an unexpected gift. "As a gesture of good will, because we are human beings," he explained. "I think we should bring him a whole bunch of a little bottles of ketchup. You're not allowed to eat or drink, and ketchup falls in that grey area."

That being said, Jimmy Kimmel has something much bigger in mind if Trump is found guilty of the charges leveled against him. "I really hope it happens," he stated. "If he is convicted, I have a plan... So what my plan is, if Donald Trump is convicted, I'm gonna commit a crime in the tristate area."

Kimmel joked that he will have to find new material

The talk show host goes on to explain that he will then be sent to the same prison as Trump:

"So I can drive him insane from the inside too!"

Kimmel went on to admit that there will be a downside if Trump is convicted, which is that he won't be able to make fun of him on a nightly basis. He quipped that it's going to be hard to go back to making fun of American Idol. As far as the talk show host is concerned, though, it's worth the sacrifice. Plus, he's enlisted Meyers to be his cellmate so they can pester Trump together.

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