Jimmy Kimmel details Donald Trump's dinner for NFT "suckers"

Kimmel went at the President even when he wasn't in court.
"The Heart Of Rock And Roll" Celebration
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The court case involving Donald Trump may have taken a day off, but Jimmy Kimmel did not. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! kept poking fun at his favorite target by detailing a dinner that Trump held at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

The dinner took place on May 8, and was reportedly held for those who brought President Trump's NFTs. These combination of reasons and circumstances was a field day for Kimmel, who proceeded to mock everybody involved during his monologue.

Kimmel revealed Trump guests paid $10K to meet him

Jimmy Kimmel will sometimes build up to his Trump material by starting off with different topics, but he couldn't help himself during the episode that aired the same night. "It was a day off in the Trump trial today," he noted. "Which has been a lot of fun so far, I have to say." Kimmel then explained what Trump decided to do with his day out of court.

"[The President] used his one day off from trial day to focus on his pyramid scheme," he quipped. "He hosted a VIP dinner at Mar-a-Lago for the stuper fans who bought his NFTs. To get an invite, you had to buy all 47 of Trump's NFTs at 99 bucks a pop."

The crowd was audibly surprised by how much cash was spent, and Kimmel ran with it. "I tell ya, I would hate to be his assistant this morning," he noted. "'Sir, a reminder, tonight you have to eat with the freaks who paid 4,700 dollars for pictures of you wearing Superman tights and a cape.'"

Kimmel called the Mar-a-Lago VIPs "suckers"

Donald Trump, Mike Johnson
Speaker Johnson Joins Former President Trump At Mar-a-Lago For Announcement On Election Integrity / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Kimmel referred to these VIP guests as "lemon heads," and revealed that some of them paid up to $10 grand to meet Trump. The screen then cuts to images of the various NFTs that Trump sold, and the jokes, quite frankly, write themselves. "Here's Butch Casserole," Kimmel says when talking about an NFT in which the President has a cowboy hat on.

Kimmel doubled down on his VIP critique, calling them "suckers," before joking that the highest payers also recieved a piece of the suit Trump was wearing when he was arrested on January 23. The host notes how valuable it will be until the President "gets arrested in four other suits." It looks like the zingers will keep coming, regardless of what Trump does.

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