Jiminy Glick performs Trump-inspired parody "Cranky Doodle Dandy"

Martin Short's alter ego dropped a patrotic diss song.
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Martin Short may no longer be hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! but his alter ego, Jiminy Glick, is. The obnoxious character took over the talk show on June 27, which meant he got a chance to weigh in on the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Glick is not a standard commentator, of course. He's probably the most broad, absurd, and loony talk show host this side of Eric Andre. Instead of providing spoken critiques of Donald Trump, Glick went the musical route. He donned a hat and mic and decided to perform a song called "Cranky Doodle Dandy." You can probably guess which standard it's based on.

Jiminy Glick donned an Uncle Sam hat for his performance

"Cranky Doodle went to town, to call the news a phony," Glick sings. "Stuck white letters on red hats, and called it MAGA-roni." The rest of the song follows this absurdist template, with digs about Trump's appearance and his dubious reputation with women:

"Cranky Doodle you're so tan, Cranky Doodle Dandy, stop the steal and lock her up, and with the girls be handsy"

This is not the first time Martin Short has used his Jimmy Kimmel Live! platform to take aim at Trump. Earlier in the week, he lambasted the President for not yet having a VP candidate at his side. "Donald Trump says he is close to finding his running mate and has narrowed it down to three people," he told the audience. "It was four, but then O.J. died."

Martin Short joked that Trump content was talk show must

Donald Trump
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After the uproarious laughter, Short added that Trump should make his big decision soon. "What a choice Trump has in his tiny little hands," he asserted. Short did, however, peel the curtain back on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! playbook by making a joke about making Trump jokes.

In the midst of his Tuesday monologue, Short wryly commented that Trump jokes are part of the show's core make-up. "The producers are saying it’s time for my contractually obligated Jimmy Kimmel Live! Trump jokes," he explained. "It’s apparently a must around here."

Obligation or not, nobody does it like Jiminy Glick.

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