James Corden is still trying to convince everyone he wasn't fired from The Late Late Show

The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden /

It's been nearly a year since James Corden left late-night TV. But the comedian and actor is still trying to convince London and the rest of the world that he wasn't fired from The Late Late Show.

Corden ended his eight-year run as host of The Late Late Show on April 27, 2023. At the time, he made it clear he intended to return to the United Kingdom and give his children the opportunity at a closer relationship with their grandparents.

But that wasn't exactly the narrative many fans and critics ran with at the time. Some assumed that he had been fired due to low ratings and high production costs. It also didn't help that Corden found himself in a string of public scandals, including his infamous restaurant ban.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Corden returned to late-night TV as a guest. He shared what life is like now as he launches a podcast and his new show The Constituent. Jimmy Kimmel asked if London had welcomed Corden back with open arms.

"People are very nice," Corden admitted. "But no one believes that I wasn't fired." The former host added that no one seems to understand why he'd give up his cushy late-night TV gig in Los Angeles to go home.

Reports suggest that CBS paid Corden as much as $6 million per year to host The Late Late Show. That isn't quite the paycheck colleagues like Kimmel and Stephen Colbert earn. But Corden's estimated net worth of $70 million does make it hard to imagine walking away from late-night.

But Corden's interview with Kimmel makes it clear that he's happy with his decision (even if his family sometimes miss Los Angeles). While The Late Late Show had its fans, it seemed unlikely it would reach another level. Corden wisely stepped aside when he did and now has the professional and financial freedom to pursue other projects.