Don't expect a Jasmine Crockett-MTG sketch on SNL tonight


Congress sent a gift to Saturday Night Live earlier this week when Representative Jasmine Crockett and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene clashed. However, it doesn't sound like SNL will capitalize on the viral moment.

A House Oversight Committee meeting was derailed on Thursday when Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested that Representative Jasmine Crockett couldn't read through her fake eyelashes. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended Crockett and demanded Greene apologize.

But Crockett proved she didn't need any help taking on the Republican from Georgia. She responded with a not-so-subtle comeback, referring to Greene as someone with "bleach blond, bad-built butch body."

It was the kind of political sideshow that lends itself to parody at Saturday Night Live. But cast member Ego Nwodim through a wet blanket on any excitement for a potential Crockett-MTG sketch on tonight's season 49 finale.

"Devastated to announce I will not be playing Rep. Jasmine Crockett tonight. Please respect my privacy as I grieve," she tweeted on Saturday afternoon. That suggests SNL doesn't have plans to lampoon the incident.

It's possible that SNL still has a sketch and brought in a celebrity cameo to play Crockett. After all, that's what the show did earlier this season when Scarlett Johansson played Senator Katie Britt. But it's unlikely that Nwodim would ruin the surprise by bringing attention to the casting.

Nwodim also deserves the chance to play a high-profile character considering the MVP-type season she's had on Saturday Night Live. The most likely explanation is that SNL already had its cold open planned when the Crockett-MTG moment happened. Perhaps "Weekend Update" will have something to say about the viral incident.

Expect a Joe Biden or Donald Trump sketch to open the show tonight. It's the season finale, so SNL will want to remind viewers of what's waiting in the fall. SNL season 50 will kick off right before the 2024 election, meaning even more screentime for Mikey Day's Biden and James Austin Johnson's Trump.

The good news is that Jasmine Crockett appears to be a rising star in the Democratic Party. So it probably won't be too long before Ego Nwodim gets her chance.