Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s new ‘discount bin’ attorney

Former President Donald Trump remains entangled in multiple legal cases, including some dating back to his 2016 campaign. Stephen Colbert‘s monologue on Wednesday night focused on Trump’s newest lawyer, dubbing him “straight from the discount attorney bin.”

According to the latest developments, Donald Trump is “likely” to face charges stemming from the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels. Prosecutors allege that the money was an illegal campaign contribution and indicate that criminal charges against the former president are on the table.

Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina has made several cable news appearances in recent weeks to defend the former president. However, those Fox News and MSNBC hits haven’t exactly won over Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host joked that Tacopina comes from the “discount attorney bin.”

Stephen Colbert breaks down Trump’s attorney’s questionable logic

Colbert started off by reviewing Tacopina’s performance in a recent MSNBC interview. The lawyer got into a back-and-forth over what constitutes a lie, arguing that it has to be in a court and under oath. The late-night comedian joked that Tacopina’s definition gave the attorney the freedom to lie in any television appearance.

Things went further off the rails when Tacopina attempted to grab the host’s notes from his hands. Colbert previewed how Tacopina’s antics could translate to court, imitating the lawyer grabbing the judge’s gavel and robe.

Finally, Colbert attempted to find the logic in Trump’s attorney claiming that the former president never lied. As far as Colbert understands Tacopina, you can lie about committing any crime as long as you sign a non-disclosure agreement afterward.

The Late Show host seemed more than amused by the attorney. If anything, Colbert is probably happy to see this man in charge of Trump’s legal defense. It means that Colbert is one step closer to seeing Trump face the kind of consequences the comedian has been begging for.

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