Who won Jeopardy! tonight, January 10?

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin)
Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

We’re only a little over a week into 2023, but Jeopardy! has had no shortage of exciting games. That trend looked to continue on Tuesday night.

The game featured a new returning champion defending their title for the first time. Monday night’s game showed that they had what it took to play Jeopardy! at a high level.

Who is the current Jeopardy! champion?

Connor Sears, a copy editor from Queens, New York, is the current Jeopardy! champion. He entered Tuesday’s game with cash winnings totaling $28,000.

His competition tonight included Suzanne Zgraggen, a zoo educator from West Valley, Utah, and Max Davison, a writer from Studio City, California.

Afterng the “Jeopardy!” rou, Sears held a leadnd with $4,600. However, Davison wasn’t far behind with $4,400, and Zgraggen held on with $2,800.

But the returning champion put some distance between himself and the challengers in “Double Jeopardy!” play. He totaled $20,400, giving him a comfortable lead over Davison’s $12,400. Zgraggen couldn’t quite keep pace and finished the round with $3,600.

“Final Jeopardy!” saw all three players fail to come up with the correct response. Connor Sears wagers logically, only losing $4,401 on the way to remaining as the current Jeopardy! champion.

What was tonight’s Final Jeopardy! clue?

Anytime “Final Jeopardy!” stumps all three players, you know it’s a tough question. Here it is in the category “Classic Tale Characters”:

In one 19th-century translation, she “perceived the dawn of day and ceased” speaking nearly 1,000 times

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Answer: Who is Scheherazade?

The character appears in One Thousand and One Nights, the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales. Connor Sears guessed Echo, Suzanne Zgraggen guessed the Little Mermaid, and Max Davison guessed Sleeping Beauty.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight?

To recap, here’s how Jeopardy! finished on Tuesday, January 10, 2023:

1. Connor Sears: $15,999
2. Max Davison: $4,399
3. Suzanne Zgraggen: $0

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