Jordan Klepper investigates the herd mentality at Trump’s rally

Trump supporters in Pennsylvania (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)
Trump supporters in Pennsylvania (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images) /

The Daily Show sent Jordan Klepper to President Donald Trump’s rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

There is no denying that President Donald Trump can draw a crowd. And as The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper found out, those crowds are full of people willing to deny what the rest of the country calls reality.

Klepper is late-night television’s best when it comes to man on the street interviews. The Daily Show has sent him around the country to speak with Trump supporters and try to understand what it is that makes so many Americans dedicated to President Trump.

The novel coronavirus pandemic hasn’t seemed to dismay all of President Trump’s followers. Despite a rising death toll and mismanagement compared to other developed nations, the president’s response to the pandemic has been approved by his most passionate supporters.

Klepper decided to find out exactly why that is when he recently traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He found President Trump’s supporters flaunting COVID-19 safety precautions with questionable excuses as to why:

Jordan Klepper got Trump supporters’ takes on the election, conspiracy theories, and more

Jordan Klepper has figured out how to engage with President Trump supporters in a way that comes off as a friendly conversation rather than picking a fight. It would be easy to get caught up trading insults and trying to irritate the people he interviews. Instead, Klepper uses an easy-going approach to expose contradictions and illogical answers.

This is on display throughout this clip. There was the man who was willing to attend the Trump rally despite his father at home having underlying health conditions and the man who said he wasn’t a sheep yet would wear a mask if everyone else did.

Klepper also found out how President Trump’s supporters have embraced his views on mail-in voting and the legitimacy of the election. There is rising concern about a peaceful transition of power and Klepper discovered that President Trump’s base is also unwilling to accept any outcome other than victory.

These remote pieces from Klepper show how wide the divide is among President Trump’s most ardent followers and his critics. It is difficult to have a political debate when one side doesn’t have all the facts or does not want to listen. Then again, maybe only Jordan Klepper knows how to talk to both sides.

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