Is Jeopardy! new tonight, August 3?

"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) /

We’ve reached the midpoint of the week, and Jeopardy! fans are still searching for a new episode. What should audiences expect to see on Wednesday night?

A new episode hasn’t aired since the end of July. Last we saw, Luigi de Guzman became the new Jeopardy! champion.

Sadly, we won’t get to see him defend that title on Wednesday night. There will not be a new episode of Jeopardy! tonight.

Instead, the game show will continue to show some of the most exciting games from this past season. Tonight, you can see the October 11 game featuring Matt Amodio. At this point, Amodio had already surpassed $1 million in winnings.

When does Jeopardy! return?

This week marks the beginning of what will be six weeks of rerun episodes. Jeopardy! is taking its annual summer vacation during the month of August.

Season 39 kicks off on September 12. Fans can look forward to Luigi de Guzman being invited back as the returning champion. He’ll look to add to his $23,401 jackpot.

Also invited back? Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. Both will continue to split hosting duties throughout the next season. We’re still waiting to when, or if, Jeopardy! will name a single permanent host.

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Have you been keeping up with the Jeopardy! encore presentations? Do you remember the clues, or is it just like watching a new game? Let us know in the comment section below. Keep checking Last Night On for more news and updates.