Who won Jeopardy! tonight, June 17?

Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin)
Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Jeopardy! closed out the week with a brand new episode on Friday night. The returning champion looked to punch their ticket to return on Monday.

So far, the competition has struggled to dethrone Jeopardy! champions. Ryan Long and Eric Ahasic both had impressive runs over the past month and a half before the current champ took over.

Who is the current Jeopardy! champion?

Megan Wachspress, an attorney from Berkeley, California, is the current Jeopardy! champion. During her three-game winning streak, she has banked $34,402.

Her competition on Friday included Molly Fleming, a community organizer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Sadie Goldberger, an interpreter from Columbia, Maryland.

Goldberger took an early lead in the “Jeopardy!” round with $4,600. Wachspress found herself in second with $2,000 while Fleming sat in an early hole with -$400.

Wachspress closed the gap in “Double Jeopardy!” but remained in second. Goldberger led with $9,800, followed by the champ with $9,200, and then Fleming with $3,300.

It all came down to “Final Jeopardy!” tonight. Wachspress and Goldberger both bet big, but only the champ came up with the correct response. Wachspress won again, extending her streak to four games and her winnings to $51,601.

What was tonight’s Final Jeopardy! clue?

Friday’s “Final Jeopardy!” clue appealed to history buffs. Here it is in the category “19th Century Contemporaries”:

Congratulating her on the 1869 release of her biography, Frederick Douglass wrote, “I have wrought in the day –you in the night”

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik(ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Answer: Who is Harriet Tubman?

Molly Fleming also came up with the correct response. Sadie Goldberger lost on a technicality, as she was only able to write down “Harriet Tubma” as her response. The judges had no choice but to deem it unacceptable, handing Megan Wachspress the game.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight, June 17?

To recap, here’s how Jeopardy! finished on Friday, June 17, 2022:

1. Megan Wachspress: $17,199
2. Molly Fleming: $6,500
3. Sadie Goldberger: $2,300

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