John Mulaney talks relapse, rehab, and fatherhood on Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Mulaney (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for IFC)
John Mulaney (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for IFC) /

John Mulaney made his return to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, a year after first checking into a rehabilitation facility. The stand-up comedian discussed his addiction, recovery, and upcoming fatherhood in the insightful and at times, funny, conversation.

Few comedians can boast a fanbase as invested as Mulaney’s. Whether from his stand-up act, his contributions to Saturday Night Live, his Broadway show, or countless late-night TV appearances, Mulaney has earned a following that feels very connected to the comedian.

Part of that stems from the honesty Mulaney displays in his act. He has never hesitated to discuss his trials with alcohol and drugs. Audiences appreciated his candor and how well he mixed it with his signature sense of humor and delivery.

So it was no surprise when Mulaney’s relapse made headlines. News that he checked into a rehabilitation facility led to an outpour of support. Then just this week, rumors circulated that the comedian was expecting his first child with actress Olivia Munn. Mulaney addressed it all on Late Night with Seth Meyers, spending nearly 20 minutes talking with his friend Seth Meyers:

John Mulaney recaps his eventful year

Mulaney last appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers in November 2020. The comedian had taken a job as a writer on the late-night show in part to follow the advice of his therapist and add structure to his life.

Meyers and Mulaney referenced the appearance at the top of the interview. Mulaney implied that he didn’t remember taking the Late Night gig or getting on camera with Meyers. The line was enough to let the audience know just how intense things became for the comedian.

From there, Mulaney recapped his journey over the past year. He checked into a facility in September 2020, hosted Saturday Night Live that Halloween, relapsed soon after, entered a facility in December, and has been back on the road to recovery since then.

That road also includes his relationship with Olivia Munn. Mulaney found himself a tabloid fixture when news of the couple broke. Things went to a new level when speculation circulated that Munn was pregnant. Mulaney confirmed the news on Late Night, capping off one of the more eventful years a person could have.

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