John Mulaney completes his musical trilogy on Saturday Night Live

In his third time hosting Saturday Night Live, John Mulaney led a third musical sketch.

Diner Lobster. Bodega Bathroom. And now, Airport Sushi. Comedian John Mulaney has completed his Saturday Night Live musical trilogy that celebrates Broadway and questions the true appeal of New York City life.

Saturday Night Live  had a surprise hit on its hands with “Diner Lobster” in 2018. Stand-up and former writer John Mulaney was hosting for the first time and was finally given the chance to air the sketch which he had come up with years earlier.

And in true Saturday Night Live fashion, a sketch that works that well always comes back. Fans didn’t have to wait long as Mulaney returned the following season and once again got to live out his Broadway dreams. This time it was “Bodega Bathroom” and it was another sensation.

So when Mulaney was announced as returning this season to host for a third consecutive year, fans knew that another musical was coming. Mulaney hinted at as much during an appearance on Conan, suggesting that he would take on New York’s subway system. But what aired this past weekend was something different and something that people not just in New York could understand:

What starts as shock and horror that Pete Davidson’s character buys sushi from an airport (like lobster from a diner), quickly turns into nearly eight minutes ripping on Laguardia Airport and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The jokes at Mayor de Blasio’s expense come on the heels of Mulaney’s Tonight Show appearance in which he pitched his own plan to run for mayor. The comedian also shared a story of how SNL creator Lorne Michaels gave him permission to make fun of de Blasio at a charity event after the mayor questioned Michaels’ status as a New Yorker.

Rarely is the third installment of a trilogy the best so it’s not all that surprising that “Airport Sushi,” with references to The Phantom of the OperaWest Side Story, and Annie, doesn’t quite stack up to its predecessors. But when you get Jake Gyllenhaal swinging through on a wire, you still have something special.

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