Win a chance to share a pint of Americone Dream ice cream with Stephen Colbert through Omaze

Win the opportunity to eat ice cream with Stephen Colbert after a taping of The Late Show in NYC through Omaze.
Win the opportunity to eat ice cream with Stephen Colbert after a taping of The Late Show in NYC through Omaze. /

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Going to a late-night show taping is a rare treat only those who live in major cities and tourists usually get to experience. So Omaze wants to give one lucky winner an unforgettable, all-expenses-paid opportunity to go to a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, regardless of where you’re from.

As the winner of this sweepstakes, you’ll get to chat with Colbert about anything you want while sharing pints of his signature ice cream flavor, Americone Dream from Ben & Jerry’s. The sweepstakes also includes roundtrip flights to New York City and a stay at a 4-star hotel. The best part is that you’ll also get to watch a taping of The Late Show from the best seats in the iconic Ed Sullivan Theatre.

You don’t even have to donate any money to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, if you do donate, you’ll have a better chance of winning the sweepstakes. You can donate $5 for 50 entries, $10 for 100, $25 for 250, $50 for 1000, and $100 for 2000. Through July 9, you can receive 300 bonus entries and the opportunity to win $5000 if you use the code RADNESS300.

The donations for this sweepstakes will support the nonprofit called Montclair Film. This organization works to present the community with a diverse array of filmmakers, films, and educational programs to show the impact of storytelling. The nonprofit also hosts an annual film festival, and this year’s festival, happening from October 21 to 30, will be its tenth year in a row.

This sweepstakes closes on August 18, so make sure to get your entries before then. The winner will be announced around September 1. Find out more about this opportunity here and be sure to check out Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on CBS by getting Paramount+.