Jimmy Kimmel responds to Trump wanting him investigated by the DOJ

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Easterseals)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Easterseals) /

According to a new report, former President Donald Trump wanted Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts to stop teasing him so badly, he asked if the Department of Justice could investigate the comedians. Kimmel responded to the report on Tuesday night.

The Daily Beast reports that in 2019, Trump asked what the Federal Communications Commission, court systems, and DOJ could do to investigate or stop Saturday Night Live and late night TV hosts from making fun of him.

Trump’s soft skin is well-documented. For someone who loves throwing out insults, he could never handle being a punchline while in office. He repeatedly tweeted about late night TV shows and Saturday Night Live.

Kimmel was the only host identified by name in the report. Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and others are just as guilty as mocking Donald Trump. But Kimmel was namechecked in the article so the comedian took time during his monologue to respond:

Jimmy Kimmel calls out Donald Trump for treating the government like henchmen

The Daily Beast reports that Trump’s request was treated more like a “nuisance” than a crisis. But it was quite the opposite for Jimmy Kimmel. The comedian seemed a little surprised to discover while he was making jokes on TV, the most powerful man in the world was considering sending the government after him.

However, Kimmel isn’t surprised to receive more confirmation that Trump can’t take a joke. Kimmel went on to compare Trump to the Batman villain the Penguin, using the Department of Justice and other agencies as his “goon squad.”

Donald Trump has attacked just about every late night TV host at some point or another. He’s called them “lowlifes” and “lost souls.” Trading insults apparently wasn’t enough for the president. His effort to sic the DOJ on Kimmel, SNL, and others ultimately backfired as comedians now have even more material to work with.

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