Stephen Colbert’s monologue gets energy boost from live audience

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at the Ed Sullivan Theater (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at the Ed Sullivan Theater (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images) /

After 460 days, Stephen Colbert finally delivered a monologue in front of a live studio audience. The Late Show returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday night, kicking off a new era of the late night show.

Colbert told jokes from a bathtub, his backyard, and a converted storage closet during the pandemic. Fans stuck with him as The Late Show finished another season as late night TV’s highest-rated show.

June 14 marked a major milestone as a fully vaccinated audience filled the Ed Sullivan Theater. Colbert fed off the energy right off the bat and that translated to those watching at home, too.

Colbert’s monologue covered the latest vaccine news, President Joe Biden’s trip to Great Britain, and more. The comedian also paid tribute to his staff and wife Evie Colbert for helping him through the pandemic.

Stephen Colbert brings the Vax-Scene to Broadway

Late night TV fans had to smile hearing the audience applaud and laugh along with Stephen Colbert. While there was a certain charm and appreciation that came with hosts producing shows from home or an empty studio, there is nothing like watching a comedian work with an audience.

Colbert does it as well as anyone in late night and showed no signs of rust on Monday night. He joked that The Late Show was the first show back on Broadway. That fact probably inspired the costumes and dance number that came with another installment of “The Vax-Scene.”

Stephen Colbert catches up with President Biden’s trip abroad

No Colbert monologue would be complete without some political news. It must have felt good for Colbert to take a few digs at former President Donald Trump and hear a theater full of laughter compared to just a handful of crew members.

Colbert cited the different vibe President Biden brought to Great Britain compared to his predecessor. The comedian also reminded the current president that he’s not too far off in age compared to the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth.

Expect Colbert’s monologues to only get better as the week goes on. The focus should shift from welcoming back the audience and the return to normal to more reaction to the day’s headlines that Late Show fans love from Colbert.

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