Stephen Colbert needs a new nickname for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images) /

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is asking fans for help. The late night show and host Stephen Colbert want a new nickname to use anytime former President Donald Trump is in the news.

Dating back to last November, Colbert has refused to say Donald Trump’s name on the show. It began as part of The Late Show‘s effort to leave the former president in the past after spending five years covering his every move, word, and tweet.

What started off as a subtle tweak to The Late Show became more and more obvious as Colbert covered more stories about Trump. Media outlets have caught on. In a recent article on Trump’s declining influence, the Associated Press noted that Colbert has tried to scrub the former president’s name from The Late Show.

On Monday night, Colbert responded. He explained the decision to censor Trump’s name before noting that calling him “the 45th president” is no longer viable as Trump is using that title himself. So that’s where Late Show fans come in. Watch Colbert’s monologue below as he calls on his fans to help come up with a new nickname for Donald Trump:

Stephen Colbert wants fans to pick Donald Trump’s new Late Show nickname

If you watched The Late Show around the time of the election, then you knew that Stephen Colbert was done with Donald Trump. The former president’s speech attacking the election’s legitimacy led Colbert to toss out his planned monologue and condemn Trump yet again.

It was the start of the path that led The Late Show to where it is now when it comes to Donald Trump. The name is not spoken and appears at “T****” when on screen. The most respect Colbert gives Trump is to call him “the 45th president” but now that is over.

Colbert is calling on fans to send in their nickname ideas on Twitter. Send in ideas to @ColbertLateShow using #HeWhoShallBeNamed for your chance to give Colbert the perfect nickname for Donald Trump.

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