Jimmy Kimmel responds to Ted Cruz as feud reignites

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel and Senator Ted Cruz have reignited their feud. The late night TV host and the Republican from Texas are engaged in another public back-and-forth.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! began the week by calling out Cruz for mocking a U.S. Army ad and negatively comparing it to Russian propaganda. Cruz suggested that the U.S. military was too “woke” and “emasculated.”

Kimmel found this amusing, considering Cruz’s history of submitting to former President Donald Trump. The late night host reminded his audience of how Trump insulted Cruz and his family, only to have Cruz fully endorse Trump and perpetuate his conspiracy theories about the election.

In typical Cruz fashion, he took to Twitter to respond to Kimmel’s monologue. The Senator reminded Kimmel that he beat him in their charity basketball game and offered the comedian a rematch. Kimmel took it in stride and fired back. Check out the video below:

Jimmy Kimmel continues to win his feud with Senator Ted Cruz

It’s never a good idea to start a public feud with a comedian. That is especially true if you’re a politician and someone not known for having a sense of humor. Yet, perhaps to his credit, Cruz continues to go after Kimmel despite facing an uphill battle.

Kimmel has no problem getting crude with his responses and he did that again with his tweet to Cruz. The ridiculing continued on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night as the late night host relentlessly mocked Cruz, saying that living with his basketball loss doesn’t compare to living life as Ted Cruz.

Cruz clearly doesn’t want to let his basketball victory go but the strategy may have backfired. Kimmel doesn’t care that he lost, using the outcome to once again call out Cruz. Kimmel reminds everyone that he accepted the results of the game rather than complain or come up with conspiracy theories. The late night host wraps up his response by saying “apparently I was mean to Ted, and he’s very upset. And if history is any indication, he’s so upset, that means he’ll be washing my car this weekend.”

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