Jimmy Kimmel slams Ted Cruz in lengthy monologue attack

Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Jabin Botsford - Pool/Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Jabin Botsford - Pool/Getty Images) /

The Jimmy Kimmel-Ted Cruz feud is alive and well. Senator Cruz’s decision to fly to Mexico while Texas suffers through power outages and freezing cold temperatures was met with intense backlash, nowhere more so than last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Fans know that Jimmy Kimmel has quite the history with Sen. Cruz. The two have exchanged insults over Twitter, Kimmel has made countless jokes at the Senator’s expense in his monologues, and the two even played a heated game of one-on-one basketball albeit for charity.

Sen. Cruz’s attempts to overturn the election brought Kimmel’s disdain to a new level. But just when the late night host thought things couldn’t get any worse, Sen. Cruz was pictured at the airport heading to Cancun while Texans struggled without heat and electricity. The Senator caved to the pressure and returned to Texas, only to offer an excuse that he almost immediately contradicted in a second statement.

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue last night was almost entirely dedicated to Ted Cruz. The comedian did not let up in his attack, delivering slam after slam against the controversial politician.

Within the first two minutes, we hear Jimmy Kimmel call Sen. Ted Cruz “snake on a plane,” imply that looking like Ted Cruz is a medical condition, and joke that the only thing more disgusting than Ted Cruz is Ted Cruz slurping noodles. It was a clear indication that Kimmel wasn’t going to let Sen. Cruz off the hook easy for his Mexican vacation.

Kimmel especially seemed to enjoy the fact that Sen. Cruz’s dedication to former President Donald Trump actually helped expose Cruz and his vacation plans. There is no denying that Ted Cruz has raised his national profile over the past couple of years. It has made him more recognizable so of course, people take pictures of him in public. It makes Kimmel wonder even more how Sen. Cruz could have thought a vacation was a good idea.

Jimmy Kimmel calls Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy off the charts after the Senator’s trip to Mexico

Jimmy Kimmel went so far as to put together a mock commercial for United Airlines, imagining that even the airline wouldn’t want Ted Cruz on one of its flights. It’s not the first time Kimmel has made a commercial in “support” of Sen. Cruz as another way to land more insults.

You can sense a level of anger coming from Kimmel as the monologue progresses. The comedian is especially annoyed at the hypocrisy from Ted Cruz, who previously lashed out at Austin’s mayor for going to Mexico and mocked California for blackouts it suffered last summer.

The evisceration continues as Kimmel suggests that Sen. Cruz is also one of the world’s biggest liars. The monologue debunks Sen. Cruz’s excuse that he was merely chaperoning his kids to Mexico. Cruz’s attempt to sound remorseful or suggest that he was second-guessing his decision were not working on Kimmel or the rest of the country for that matter.

Kimmel throws to yet another commercial parody, this time for a “Ted Cruise.” It promises frozen margaritas instead of frozen toilets and a climbing wall instead of a border wall. Jimmy Kimmel Live! was not playing around when it came to this story.

In the end, the first eight minutes of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue covered Ted Cruz in Mexico. Not since the heyday of the Trump administration as one politician capture so much of Kimmel’s attention and scorn. But then again, there aren’t too many politicians around quite like Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz may be back in Texas but this story is far from over in the world of late night television. Expect Jimmy Kimmel to revisit the topic on Friday night with even more jokes. And next week, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers return from hiatus and should have something to say. Stay tuned.

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