SNL’s cold open recaps an unprecedented season 46

Host Chris Rock for Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)
Host Chris Rock for Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) /

Saturday Night Live wrapped up season 46 this weekend, saying goodbye to yet another year unlike any other in SNL’s history. The cold open summed it up as the cast reflected on writing and performing live sketch comedy in a pandemic.

Hopefully, SNL will never again have to wonder how, or if, to put on a show week in and week out during a pandemic. In season 45, fans saw the show adjust on the fly. Jokes about the novel coronavirus pandemic and social distancing slowly gave way to a fully remote show with cast members putting on sketches from home.

Season 46 allowed the cast and crew to get back to Studio 8H albeit under very different circumstances. We saw just how seriously SNL was taking its safety precautions when musical guest Morgan Wallen was dropped from a performance for violating quarantine.

In the end, these measures were worth it because SNL was able to put on 20 episodes featuring memorable moments week after week. It was fitting that the last cold open of season 46 gave the cast the chance to reflect on their collective experience.

SNL’s season 46 finale cold open was emotional

The cold open started off with four of Saturday Night Live‘s most recognizable faces. An emotional Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong were joined by the always cool and calm Kenan Thompson. McKinnon was right to describe the year as a difficult one, just as Thompson was right to say it was a pretty good one for him. After all, his sitcom Kenan debuted on NBC and will be back for season two.

Going into the season finale, fans were curious if they’d see any hints of who could be walking away from SNL. It’s possible that Bryant, McKinnon, and Strong could all call it quits. However, fans would have preferred some advanced notice or to see a proper goodbye. Cecily Strong may have received that in the form of her “Weekend Update” performance. Bryant and McKinnon could still be undecided at this point.

The season 46 premiere’s host, Chris Rock, returned to the stage during the cold open. He reminded everyone of just what SNL covered this year. The debate sketches, Jim Carrey cameos, and Wallen controversy seem like a lifetime ago. It was a fitting summary of how much has happened over the past eight months and how Saturday Night Live has been there every step of the way, trying to bring humor no matter what’s going on.

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