Here’s how Saturday Night Live is keeping Studio 8H safe

Michael Che and Colin Jost (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)
Michael Che and Colin Jost (Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images) /

Saturday Night Live has implemented strict safety protocols to protect its staff against the pandemic

Saturday Night Live will look a little different when fans tune in to watch season 46. Those changes extend behind the scenes as well in an effort to keep the cast, crew, and staff as safe as possible.

Season 46 of Saturday Night Live is set to kick off on Oct. 3. Chris Rock returns to host and he’ll be joined by musical guest Megan Thee Stallion. It will be the first show based in SNL’s Studio 8H home since the March 7 episode hosted by Daniel Craig.

After season 45 concluded with three at-home episodes, SNL had the summer to figure out how it could get the cast and crew back under the same roof. Following the example of The Tonight Show and Late Night, the sketch show figured out a way to keep everyone as safe as possible while working at 30 Rock.

A behind the scenes look at the read through for Saturday’s episode gave fans an idea of how serious things are at SNL. The cast and writers are practicing social distancing and wearing masks while going through the night’s sketch ideas.

Saturday Night Live’s audience will also look different when the show returns

On Thursday night, Michael Che and Colin Jost were guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They were among the first guests that Fallon has had in-person. It was made easier by the fact that they all work in the same building and go through the same safety protocols when they show up every day.

Fallon asked the “Weekend Update” anchors about what the in-studio audience will look like. Che also offered an explanation of how the 20-member cast is practicing social distancing while going through the read-through and keeping the six-feet rule in place.

Fans can appreciate the lengths SNL is going through to bring a live show this week. Considering the debate, the buzz around Jim Carrey playing former Vice President Joe Biden, and the need for more entertainment, expectations will be high.

It looks as if SNL is very aware of the extra attention it will receive on Saturday night. But the show is also clearly prioritizing safety and the health of those working on the show. How these modified preparations affect the show will be another thing to watch.

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