Amber Ruffin debunks the GOP myth of voter fraud

Amber Ruffin (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Peacock)
Amber Ruffin (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Peacock) /

The Amber Ruffin Show returned on Friday with an all-new episode on Peacock complete with more of the host’s signature segments, sketches, and musical numbers.

Ruffin starts off the episode with her monologue which includes news related to Glenn Close’s reaction after losing her eighth Oscar nomination, the TSA, UFO sightings in New York, Rob Gronkowski, beavers, Target, and a snake being grabbed by barbecue tongs. The latter news results in Ruffin going into a short musical number to emphasize how absurd the situation was.

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After her monologue, Ruffin is interrupted by one of her writers, Ian Morgan, who reminds her that  she didn’t discuss Biden’s first 100 days in office. Morgan decides to pitch a way that she can discuss it…through song. Ruffin tries to stop Morgan from continuing but he continues to sing through his pitch. Ruffin and Tarik Davis both agree that this song has been going on long enough but it’s obvious that there’s no stopping Morgan from reaching the end of his song/pitch.

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Amber Ruffin discusses voter fraud in “How Did We Get Here”

In the show’s recurring segment, “How Did We Get Here”, Ruffin discusses topics related to issues affecting the nation, primarily in regards to the black community. In last night’s episode, this segment is themed by speaking about the election system in the United States.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, as of Mar. 24, legislators have introduced 361 Bills with restrictive provisions in 47 states. Ruffin touches upon this in the segment and continues to go more in-depth on the voting system in America. She also talks about how restrictions to prohibit people from being able to vote, such as in Georgia. Ruffin highlights it’s considered a misdemeanor to give food and water to people who are waiting in line to vote. Ruffin continues to talk about the history of voting fraud, discusses the Shelby v. Holder case, and even more about voter suppression.

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Ruffin then advertises a new form of Apple’s iPhone called the iPhone Black. Ruffin demonstrates how the iPhone Black is available in three different shapes: a fake dog, a baby, and a bouquet of flowers. The show makes light of the fact that the news of black people having negative encounters with police has grown. The phone’s purpose is to help black people avoid confrontation with the police.

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After that, Ruffin talks about Lincoln University will be the first historically black college or university (HBCU) to have a police academy. Ruffin starts off by saying that while “we don’t need more cops, we do need more cops of color”. After that, three brothers from the fake fraternity of “Phi Po Po” file down the stairs to introduce themselves to explain to Ruffin that their fraternity has a very unique pledge process.

At the end of the episode, actress Anna Kendrick appears on screen to close out the show. Kendrick exclaims that she isn’t sure if life is real everything just a simulation before cheerily signing off for Ruffin. There’s no stopping Ruffin as she continues to charm audiences with her humorous anecdotes, musicality, and of course, her exuberant personality.

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