Stephen Colbert reacts to Matt Gaetz wild party reports

Matt Gaetz (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)
Matt Gaetz (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images) /

We are learning even more new details about Representative Matt Gaetz’s private life as he continues to be under investigation for possibly violating federal sex trafficking laws. As always, Stephen Colbert was on top of the story.

According to a new report, Gaetz attended multiple parties in Flordia that allegedly featured drugs and escorts. It comes following reports that Gaetz is under investigation for an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl and news that the Florida congressman paid for escorts using Venmo.

Gaetz has denied any and all wrongdoing and claimed that he is the victim of an extortion scheme. But with few allies remaining in politics and more details coming out seemingly daily, it’s getting harder to believe Gaetz against the evidence.

That is certainly the stance Stephen Colbert is taking. The Late Show has been fixated on the Gaetz scandal–something Colbert describes as both disturbing and entertaining. He had the latest on Gaetz last night on The Late Show:

Stephen Colbert enjoys hearing more bad news for Matt Gaetz

It’s hard to remember a time when Stephen Colbert was so happy to watch someone implode the way the Late Show is enjoying Matt Gaetz’s downfall. For years, Colbert was hoping that Donald Trump was held accountable for his actions. That has yet to happen so in the meantime, Colbert is happy to watch a prominent member of Team Trump face the music.

In reacting to the news of the wild parties allegedly attended by Gaetz, Colbert compares the Congressman to a high school senior. Based on some of his other alleged antics, the “party boy/frat guy” persona doesn’t sound too far off when it comes to Matt Gaetz.

But the party looks to be over. Colbert reports that Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg has been cooperating with law enforcement against Gaetz since last year. Colbert joked that “you may think this is bad for Matt Gaetz, but it’s worse.”

All signs point to more bad news coming out for Matt Gaetz. Late night TV fans know that if that happens, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be more than happy to cover it.

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