Stephen Colbert recaps more bad news for Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz /

Things are looking worse and worse for Representative Matt Gaetz the more we learn about his personal life. In late night television, nobody is following the story closer than Stephen Colbert.

The original report that Gaetz was the subject of a Department of Justice investigation into his alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl seems to be the tip of the iceberg. More details have emerged that continue to put Gaetz on the defensive.

The latest news involves Gaetz’s alleged trip to the Bahamas with a “marijuana entrepreneur” and hand surgeon who paid for accommodations and escorts. Gaetz has denied paying for escorts but has not addressed the specifics of the report.

It was just the start of a tidal wave of bad news for the controversial congressman. Stephen Colbert has been enjoying the politician’s implosion and The Late Show once again carved out time in the monologue to update viewers on the latest in “Gaetz-Gaete.”

Stephen Colbert wonders if Matt Gaetz’s downfall is on the way

The news on Matt Gaetz’s alleged trip to the Bahamas that would have violated sex trafficking laws suggests there is more to the story than originally reported. It was bad enough when Gaetz was defending his past relationships on Tucker Carlson’s show but now things are looking even worse.

Stephen Colbert continues to enjoy watching Matt Gaetz implode. It’s the reason Colbert describes the scandal as a wonderful and terrible story. It’s a story that is also becoming too Florida for even a Florida congressman. Colbert jokes: “I know Gaetz is from Florida but Bahamas sex trafficking with weed-peddling hand surgeon is almost too Florida even for him.”

Colbert says things are still about to get worse for Matt Gaetz. The monologue covers news that Gaetz’s “wingman” Joel Greenberg may flip on Gaetz as part of the investigation. All signs seem to point towards the downfall of Matt Gaetz and Colbert is happy to have a front row seat for it.

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