Stephen Colbert breaks down Matt Gaetz’s career implosion

Rep. Matt Gaetz (Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images)
Rep. Matt Gaetz (Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images) /

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returned on Monday following a week off. Stephen Colbert wasted no time catching up on the biggest story he missed while away: the allegations against Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz is under investigation for an alleged relationship he had with a 17-year-old girl and whether he paid to have her travel with him across state lines. The Department of Justice is reportedly looking at whether Gaetz violated federal sex trafficking laws.

Just about every late night show was off last week but there was some reaction to the Gaetz scandal. Jimmy Kimmel mocked the Florida Congressman’s interview with Tucker Carlson while Saturday Night Live included Gaetz in its cold open.

Monday night was The Late Show‘s turn. Stephen Colbert’s monologue spent a good portion on Matt Gaetz and his career implosion. Check out the video below.

Stephen Colbert is enjoying Matt Gaetz’s implosion

There has been a trend involving associates and allies of former President Donald Trump imploding or facing legal repercussions. Rudy Giuliani, the MyPillow Guy, and now Rep. Matt Gaetz are just some examples. And every time things have taken a turn for the worse, late night hosts like Stephen Colbert are ready to dance on their graves.

Case in point is just how much time The Late Show spends taking a detailed look at all the allegations against Gaetz. Colbert’s monologue covers Gaetz’s alleged history of paying partners with gifts or an allowance and allegations that he took ecstasy. Colbert jokes that ecstasy is the feeling you get “when you hear bad news about Matt Gaetz.”

Colbert doesn’t stop there, digging further into Gaetz’s past. According to Colbert, all the reports and evidence point to the Congressman being a “creep.” The Late Show host is reading the writing on the wall and it seems to suggest Gaetz won’t like what the investigation concludes.

It sounds like we haven’t learned everything there is to know about Matt Gaetz and his history. More information is likely to come out and Gaetz is just as likely to publicly defend himself. You can be sure that Stephen Colbert will be keeping a close eye on any developments.

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