Watch Conan’s scrapped version of Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong arrives on HBO Max and in theaters today. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the epic clash between the monsters that has been years in the making. But Conan already played out the battle in a scrapped clip from 2019.

The movie has received positive reviews and has been described as quite the spectacle. It may be ideally suited for the big screen but in these times, fans are more than happy to watch at home thanks to HBO Max.

But if monster movies aren’t your thing or you haven’t signed up for HBO Max yet, Conan may have the next best thing. The late night TV show never misses the chance to piggyback off a blockbuster. So when King Kong and Godzilla were getting rebooted, Conan decided to put together its own version.

Fans probably won’t remember this clip because it landed in the Conan “scraps” pile. And when you see how it was executed, it’s easy to see why the bit never made it to air:

Conan decided against bringing his Godzilla vs. Kong version to ConanCon

This entire bit is a perfect example of Conan O’Brien’s humor. It sounds like the kind of idea that was tossed out and everyone immediately went with it. The result certainly looks that way as the two dogs had no interest in “fighting.”

If this wasn’t sent to the scrap pile and made it to air, the crowd at ConanCon would have loved it. Sometimes a bit going so terribly wrong can make for a better gag than if things go according to plan.

In the end, O’Brien relied on his own comedy instincts and passed on “King Korgie vs. Dogzilla.” Thankfully, the cameras were still rolling during the bit and it can live forever online as a “Conan Scrap.”

Do you think this bit from Conan deserved to make it to air? Will you be watching Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.