Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Fox News and GOP on gun control

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Sean Hannity (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images) /

Late Night with Seth Meyers called out Fox News and Republicans in “A Closer Look,” arguing that their opposition to stricter gun control is without merit. Seth Meyers made his case for why Republicans, Fox News personalities, and the gun lobby are a small minority obstructing actually progress

In less than a week, there were two mass shootings that resulted in 18 deaths.  The massacres in Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado reinvigorated calls for federal assault weapon bans and immediate gun legislation reform.

As usual, these calls to action were met with resistance from some conservatives who claimed it would be politicizing the tragedies. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert pushed back against this stance earlier this week.

Wednesday night was Seth Meyers’ chance to do the same. In “A Closer Look,” the Late Night host referenced specific individuals he claims are acting as roadblocks when it comes to gun control reform by spreading lies.

Since President Donald Trump left office, Seth Meyers has noticed a pattern among Fox News personalities and Republicans. According to Meyers, their priorities have changed to a culture war that fixates on “cancel culture” and political correctness. The late night comedian can’t quite understand why these issues are so important during an ongoing pandemic and now two mass shootings in a week.

Meyers calls out Sean Hannity for failing to cover the shooting in Boulder and then goes after Senator Ted Cruz for criticizing Democrats calling for change. “A Closer Look” cites an epidemic of gun violence and public support for stricter gun control for reasons why change should happen immediately.

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers debunks the right’s myth about the Second Amendment

Resistance to gun legislation is often framed as a politician defending the Second Amendment. It’s what Sean Hannity suggested Sen. Cruz was doing and it’s what many “pro-gun” Republicans say while campaigning.

Seth Meyers takes issue with this idea, calling it “a ridiculous lie” to think that opposition to any gun safety legislation means standing up for the Second Amendment. Meyers points out that modern gun ownership doesn’t reflect the “well-regulated militia” referenced in the Constitution. But the point has been lost thanks to what “A Closer Look” refers to as “one of the greatest cons in the history of politics.”

Meyers concludes that conservatives like Hannity and Cruz have no logical argument for opposing even the smallest changes to gun ownership laws. Despite a majority of Americans supporting these reforms, “A Closer Look” makes it clear nothing will happen as long as the Republican Party remains in the way of change.

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