Stephen Colbert is exhausted by GOP’s familiar response on guns

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc) /

The recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder have reignited calls for gun control reform in hopes of preventing such incidents. But Republicans and firearm advocacy groups say now is not the time in a response that has become predictable and exhausting, says Stephen Colbert.

Ten people were killed on March 22 when a gunman opened fire in a Boulder supermarket. It came less than a week after a series of shootings in Atlanta that left eight people dead.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert reacted to the Atlanta tragedy by calling for more unity and less discrimination. Stephen Colbert also condemned the hateful anti-Asian rhetoric that came from former President Donald Trump.

In response to Boulder, Colbert once again put part of the blame on politicians. His monologue pushed back against Republicans claiming that now is not the time for a debate on gun control or banning assault weapons. Colbert dismantled the GOP’s logic while calling for more immediate action on gun control.

Stephen Colbert says the key to gun control is to vote Republicans out of office

Stephen Colbert references Groundhog Day in describing the cycle of mass shootings and the government’s response. It seems to go around and around with no significant changes made to prevent it from happening again.

Colbert’s monologue pushes back against the notion that the immediate aftermath of a tragedy is not the time for debate and policy changes. It was a predictable response from Republicans and gun advocates but an argument that becomes weaker the more these shootings occur, says Colbert.

But if that continues to be the Republican’s stance, then Colbert has a solution. The Late Show host says the key to gun control is to vote Republicans such as Senator John Kennedy and Representative Lauren Boebert.

Colbert’s exhaustion is shared by plenty of people around the country. But at the same time, Sen. Kennedy reflects the attitudes of the other side, suggesting it may be a while before we see the changes Colbert is calling for.

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