Jimmy Kimmel pranks kids as their substitute teacher

Zoom meeting as students begin classes amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Zoom meeting as students begin classes amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /

The days of remote learning due to the pandemic may be coming to an end as the vaccine helps teachers and students get back in the classroom. So with time running out, Jimmy Kimmel decided to pull off another prank acting as a substitute teacher for a group of unsuspecting 4th graders.

Remote learning has been one of the biggest adjustments during the pandemic. Teachers, parents, and students have all had to find creative ways to stay focused and get through lessons. The conversation over when and how schools should reopen has also been among the most contentious debates during the past year.

Throughout the past year, Jimmy Kimmel has tried to find ways to bring humor to life in the pandemic. Pranks have been a mainstay on his show since it began and the late night host has found ways to pull COVID-19 pranks in the past. On Thursday night, he’ll air a special “Coronaversy” episode to mark a year since the pandemic hit.

So last night, Kimmel debuted his latest prank. This time it was a 4th grade class in Las Vegas that was turned upside down when Jimmy Kimmel stepped in as a Mr. Kotter-inspired substitute teacher. Check out the video below.

It looks like Jimmy Kimmel went into the ABC archives to pull out a Welcome Back, Kotter outfit before taking over Zoom school for these elementary kids. It was a nice touch and a gag that some of the older viewers at home can appreciate.

When it comes to actually running the class, things go off the rails pretty quickly. After fishing for compliments, Kimmel/Mr. Kotter tosses out some pretty dark math word problems before introducing the class to the foul-mouthed Mr. Crackers.

Jimmy Kimmel’s history of pranking kids

It’s safe to say that the kids enjoyed this prank much more than Jimmy Kimmel’s past ones. Kimmel and Mr. Crackers amused the kids far more than say, stealing their Halloween candy.

Other Kimmel pranks on kids have included waking them up for school in the summer, giving them terrible holiday presents, turning off Fortnite, and creating a talking pig. So whether it is family, staff members, or random children, nobody is off-limits when it comes to Jimmy Kimmel’s pranks.

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