Jimmy Kimmel previews Donald Trump’s CPAC appearance

President Donald Trump (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) /

Former President Donald Trump will soon be back on stage in front of another friendly crowd when he appears at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend. Jimmy Kimmel Live! previewed the event and looked at what it says about Trump’s influence over the Republican Party.

A public appearance by Trump is a double-edged sword for Jimmy Kimmel. On the one hand, it gives the former president the chance to say whatever he wants about the election, the pandemic, or anything else on his mind. We’ve seen what can happen when Trump gets going behind a microphone.

On the other hand, these speeches are a goldmine for late night hosts like Kimmel. As president, Donald Trump’s adventures with teleprompters and improvised speeches could carry a host’s monologue for days.

So with that in mind, Kimmel’s monologue last night previewed the 2021 CPAC and gave his audience an idea of what to expect. The late night host went on to comment on how the GOP just can’t escape Trump’s grip:

Kimmel jokes that Trump has probably packed on some “McNugget rage weight” since leaving the White House. It highlights the very good chance that things go off the rails and quickly when the former president takes the stage at CPAC. Kimmel offers a fair warning for the country to brace itself.

Donald Trump has a history of strange CPAC appearances so Jimmy Kimmel Live! is probably looking forward to this year’s event from a comedy perspective. Some may recall the bizarre flag hug that Trump did in 2020. Then there was his historically long and rambling speech in 2019. There is no reason to believe that 2021 won’t be any different.

Jimmy Kimmel sees Trump’s CPAC appearance as proof of his grip on the Republican Party

Late night TV hosts pointed out how election challenges and the impeachment acquittal proved that Republicans remained loyal to, or afraid of, Donald Trump. Kimmel especially pointed out how the GOP had the chance to kick Trump out of the party and move on but couldn’t do it.

Kimmel’s monologue last night once again demonstrated Trump’s grip on the Republican Party, something that both frustrates and amuses the comedian. Senator Lindsey Graham’s plug for Trump’s CPAC speech gets called hypocritical by Kimmel who reminds everyone that just a few weeks ago, Sen. Graham said “enough is enough” when it comes to Donald Trump.

Trump’s power in the Republican Party means a 2024 run for the White House is not out of the question. Just don’t expect Jimmy Kimmel to stick around for it. He joked “can you imagine if we have to go through this again? If he comes back, you guys are on your own. I’m going to live with Hillary in the woods.”

When Donald Trump does give his CPAC speech, you can be sure that Jimmy Kimmel Live! will break it all down. The show is just hoping it’s the last Trump speech it has to cover.

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