Stephen Colbert finally responds to Ted Cruz’s Mexico vacation

Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) /

Late night TV fans have been patiently waiting for Stephen Colbert to return and share his thoughts on the scandal involving Senator Ted Cruz. The Late Show was back on Monday night and Colbert did not disappoint.

In a case of bad timing, The Late Show was off last week which meant that Colbert couldn’t join the rest of the country in blasting Sen. Cruz for going on vacation during a weather emergency in Texas. Other late night hosts like Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel filled in the void left by Colbert and did not hold back in attacking Sen. Cruz.

By now everyone knows the story and the few twists that came after it broke. Sen. Cruz was spotted flying down to Cancun, Mexico while thousands of Texans were without power or electricity. The Senator first said he was escorting his daughters and always planned to fly right back. But then the truth came out and it only made things worse for Ted Cruz.

Things didn’t get any better on Monday night as Stephen Colbert set his sights on Sen. Cruz. Colbert’s monologue made up for lost time and piled on the Texas Senator:

Stephen Colbert calls Ted Cruz a coward, a liar, and more during his monologue

At this point, no late night comedian can talk about Senator Ted Cruz without first taking a jab at his beard. Stephen Colbert’s monologue last night delivered one of the more disgusting descriptions of Sen. Cruz’s facial hair. It was an indication of just how disgusted Colbert was by the story.

Colbert breaks down the excuses rolled out by Ted Cruz after being photographed at the airport. The Late Show host calls out Cruz for “throwing his daughters under the bus.” Colbert says this was not only “cowardly” but a lie as he covers reports on when Sen. Cruz was actually scheduled to fly back to Texas.

When Cruz did get back to Texas and tried to control the story, it was too little, too late for Colbert. He reminds the Senator that everyone already knows what Ted Cruz did and how he lied about it. The only winner from this story was the family dog who “got to spend two days away from Ted Cruz” according to Colbert.

Colbert’s monologue goes to great lengths to get the point across that not many people like Ted Cruz. The fact that The Late Show still covered the story days after it happens is a sign that the scandal isn’t going away and will follow Cruz for a very, very long time. Colbert’s fans are just happy they didn’t have to wait any longer to hear his reaction.

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