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Tucker Carlson (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Tucker Carlson (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) /

Fox News may be a cable news network but for The Daily Show, it’s closer to the Game Show Network than anything else. The latest example came via the late night show’s mashup of Fox personality Tucker Carlson and Jeopardy!.

Turning content from Fox News into a game show has been a go-to gag for The Daily Show. Fans may recall games based on former President Donald Trump’s income tax excuses or the popular “What Was Trump Asked About?” game.

Now The Daily Show has come up with a very special edition of Jeopardy! that is all about Tucker Carlson. While he’s never been popular among late night shows, Carlson’s status as Fox News’ number one villain has certainly been cemented over the past few years in the eyes of hosts like Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert.

If anyone needs a reminder of why so many late night comedians take issue with Carlson, this Jeopardy! parody from The Daily Show makes for a pretty good explanation. Play along with the video below and see how many questions you can get right:

If you want jokes about the looks Tucker Carlson gives to the camera, then Late Night with Seth Meyers is the place to go. Any installment of “A Closer Look” that uses a clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight usually is followed up by a zinger from Seth Meyers.

You may have recognized some of those looks from Carlson as he answered The Daily Show‘s Jeopardy! questions. In case you missed it, some of those answers included “what is hate speech?”, “what is a fascist?”, and “who’s the racist here?”.

It was yet another clever way for The Daily Show to call out Fox News and Tucker Carlson for what so many people find wrong with the network and the host. It’s also more evidence that the late night show sees the network as nothing more than a game show with the worst contestants imaginable.

Tucker Carlson was once a contestant on the real Jeopardy!

It’s possible that The Daily Show was inspired to make this bit by Tucker Carlson’s 2004 appearance on the real Jeopardy!. He appeared as part of “Power Players Week” filmed in Washington, D.C.

Carlson’s competition were journalists Peggy Noonan and Bob Woodward. Like his performance in the Daily Show‘s parody, Carlson was a strong player and ended up winning the episode and raising money for charity.

That was a long time ago and any goodwill built up with that performance has long been lost. It’s hard to imagine Carlson being invited back to another round of Celebrity Jeopardy!  but he’ll always have a chance to show off thanks to The Daily Show.

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