Play What Was Trump Asked About? with The Daily Show

The Daily Show’s new game show stars President Donald Trump

With quarantine and lockdowns still in effect across the country, many Americans may be looking for new ways to stay entertained. To help, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has introduced a brand new game starring President Donald Trump.

President Trump’s press conferences and interviews have been a fruitful source of material for late night shows dating all the way back to his 2016 campaign. His habit of rambling, delivering off the cuff remarks, and throwing together a word salad has been mocked and ridiculed by Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and more.

Those type of answers become a little less amusing during a public health crisis, pandemic, or even a re-election campaign. But President Trump isn’t the type of person to change his ways and that has shown through his interviews over the past couple months.

So to find a silver lining in President Trump’s rants and ramblings, The Daily Show created a new game that fans can play at home. Check out the latest edition “What Was Trump Asked About?” right here:

The Daily Show uses Trump’s words against him better than anyone in late night

It is safe to say that the White House has never had a president who sounds quite like President Donald Trump. His verbal tics have been well-documented and studied, including his frequent exaggerations and use of words like “tremendous.”

These tics are especially noticeable when the president responds a question he either doesn’t want to be asked or doesn’t know the answer. The Daily Show found a clever way to highlight this with the “What Was Trump Asked About?” game.

It is another example of how The Daily Show is the late night leader when it comes to using President Trump’s words against him. While The Late Show and Late Night are experts at breaking down the bizarre and absurd things the president says, The Daily Show puts together hilarious compilations designed to be shared on social media. And they are extremely effective at embarrassing the president.

How did you do in this edition of “What Was Trump Asked About?” Share your score in the comment section below. Keep checking Last Night On for more from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and the rest of late night television.